The future of our world depends on integrating wealth with community.™

P3 Markets is where impact investments in real estate provide positive financial and social outcomes.


We’re accelerating community equity through powerful public-private partnerships.

At P3 Markets, we provide a comprehensive approach to real estate investments that inspire real, measurable change for low to moderate income communities. By connecting local entrepreneurs with promising real estate opportunities, our public-private partnerships create shared, long-term wealth for both investors and communities alike.


Public Private Partnerships in real estate is an emerging asset category that provides security and transparency for private and public interests.

Our joint-venture approach is best suited for:

  • Impact investment funds
  • Forward-thinking real estate developers
  • Qualified Opportunity Zone funds
  • Municipalities
  • NGOs and CDCs.

Current Projects

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P3 Markets understands that outstanding real estate projects should deliver fair market returns for both investors and the local economies they influence. Our two goals are simple: to generate risk-adjusted ROIs and maximize community impact one investment at a time.

Why impact investing?

Multiple streams of investment capital are needed to transform challenged neighborhoods into thriving communities. Direct investment in mixed use developments, local businesses and workforce infrastructure build durable and adaptive local ecosystems. Real estate impact investing aims to meet these financial demands, investing in on-the-ground assets that generate financial returns while maximizing environmental and social impact.

P3 Markets helps facilitate impact investing, allowing investors to intentionally place capital that builds wealth for employees, communities and local suppliers, as well as entrepreneurs and investors.

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P3 Markets is a minority-owned real estate development firm that creates impactful public-private partnership opportunities across the country. We serve as a joint venture partner to opportunity fund investors, impact real estate firms and other organizations looking to invest in communities with income challenges.

In short, P3 is where real estate investments generate both financial and social good.

The P3 team has provided leadership for over 15 years to underserved communities. We align resources, incentives and intelligent partnership structures with investors and communities. These well-placed partnerships create jobs, affordable housing, and access to investment capital for entrepreneurs and local businesses.

Our Team

Juan Saldana III, Principal
Phillip Beckham III, Principal of P3 Markets
Phillip L. Beckham, Principal